Space Management Solutions

From San Jose to Tokyo, real estate space is crucial for enterprises wanting to strengthen their brand identity. However, 40 percent of the workspace is wasted, and businesses continue to pay high rates for unused desks, cubicles, and floors.

We, at Smarten Spaces, enable you to make informed and quick decisions about every square foot of workspace. Our space management platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) to accurately optimize space utilization, track space usage in real-time, and recommend solutions. You can rely on our platform for accurate solutions to guide you through attritions and relocations.

Key Features


Space Utilization

Identify under-utilized space, real time data from different sensors and accurate analysis of planned and actual activity


Intelligent Recommendations

Intelligent recommendations to optimize desks, cubicles, and floor plans


Space Planning

Visualization tool to manage space allocation between teams and seamless integration with HR and Finance systems for cost analysis


Relocation Management

Streamline movement, change and addition of employees


Customized Workspaces

Customized workspaces based on working styles of teams


Activity Based Working

Optimize space utilization between complementary teams and drive collaboration


What-if Analysis

Visualize by drag-and-drop groups around to re-arrange teams, apply seating ratios and additional forecast analysis

Empower your enterprise and employees to take productivity to the next level.

Why Smarten Spaces?


Complete Platform

Only platform for all space types – workplace, residential, co-working, and commercial


Reduce Vendors

Reduce vendors from 15 to 1 with digital workplace transformation


AI & IoT

World's first end-to-end AI / IoT platform for spaces – over 25 services on a single platform


Cut Down Inefficiency

Cut down on costs by 30%, hardware by 50%, and time by 25%


Easy integration

Easy integration to enable interfacing with any mobile/web application


Hardware Integration

Expertise in hardware integration

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