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As new apartment complexes and communities mushroom, the need to secure them cannot be sidelined. With more and more citizens investing in high-rise homes, manual efforts to notify communities about updates, ensure tight security, and catalyze community-building often fail.

We, at Smarten Spaces, use artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) to streamline operations and communications. Our solutions also provide enhanced security and reduced cost of operations. Residents get real-time updates of event notifications and emergencies via applications on mobile phones. Security and facility managers can use a single interface to view various modules.

Key Features


Smart Security

Secured entry of cabs, delivery agents, and guests


Visitor Management

Smooth visitor entry and wayfinding


Smart Parking

Insights into parking space availability for easy vehicle management


Amenities Booking

Real-time visibility and booking of amenities


Incident Management

Manage and track grievances at run-time


Way Finder

Real-time indoor location intelligence


Connected Communities

Real-time notifications about events and announcements fostering connected communities

Create a community. Enhance the experience.

Why Smarten Spaces?


Complete Platform

Only platform for all space types – workplace, residential, co-working, and commercial


Reduce Vendors

Reduce vendors from 15 to 1 with digital workplace transformation


AI & IoT

World's first end-to-end AI / IoT platform for spaces – over 25 services on a single platform


Cut Down Inefficiency

Cut down on costs by 30%, hardware by 50%, and time by 25%


Easy integration

Easy integration to enable interfacing with any mobile/web application


Hardware Integration

Expertise in hardware integration

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