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Smarten Spaces & Bitwards Announce Partnership for enhanced hybrid workplace experience

Monday, Jan 02, 2023
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Smarten Spaces, the fastest growing global hybrid workplace technology provider, and Bitwards, an access technology company, are proud to announce a strategic partnership to improve the hybrid workplace experience for employees and organizations.

For the last 3 years, Smarten Spaces has been deploying its hybrid workplace solutions globally. Smarten Spaces helps leading Fortune 500 companies in the banking, healthcare, FMCG, and automobile verticals make successful transitions to a hybrid workplace model. Its latest innovation, Jumpree Pro, is the first software tool that lets employees book any space and amenities at any workplace location on any particular day. It ensures that employees have highly productive and collaborative experiences in the workplace, making their commutes worthwhile.

Bitwards, provides a patented, token-based global capability that requires only BlueTooth or NFC-based lock hardware, no hubs or routers, to provide a mobile phone user full access to any access point. It is the first and only interoperable technology and platform for keyless access. It offers universal ‘key solutions’ for doors, elevators, meeting room lockers, bike/scooters, workout machines, rental tools, and other amenities. It’s being used as a primary key by thousands of end users daily for instance in hybrid workplaces, universities, homes, gyms, public buildings, and offices.

“A delightful employee experience is at the heart of all innovations we drive at Smarten Spaces and we truly believe that it is at the core of making technology adoption success for any organization we work with. Our partnership with Bitwards, is a step in that direction. Employees would be able to access all spaces and amenities that the workplace has to offer through one sign-in on the Jumpree Pro app and organizations in turn would get insights about how the workplace is being utilized”, added Dominic Fortino, Regional Director North America at Smarten Spaces.

The partnership between Smarten Spaces and Bitwards would help organizations :

  1. Streamline the employee experience by enabling access to the workplace facilities and amenities using one app
  2. Provide smart access to space and amenities based on the reservations made by employees
  3. Provide the best user experience for seamless and secure access to anywhere or anything.
  4. Manage access globally from a single integrated solution

Eljas Saastamoinen, CEO and Founder of Bitwards: “ With Bitwards service, users can manage access to all their amenities through one sign-in and one service. End users use their phone as a universal key to everywhere, with one sign-in and one application.

We are thrilled to expand our collaboration with Smarten Spaces by offering unified access control services integrated with real estate management. This will help global organizations to save operational costs and to have the best user experience in all access topics, both for the administrators and for the end users.”

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