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[Report] Smarten Spaces & Collabogence Announce Partnership to Improve Hybrid Work Collaboration & Productivity

Monday, Jan 02, 2023
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Smarten Spaces, the fastest growing global hybrid workplace technology provider, and Collabogence, a provider of workforce and workplace performance analytics, are proud to announce a strategic partnership to improve hybrid workplace collaboration, productivity, and planning.

According to a Gartner® Press Release, “Progressive organizations are relying less on innovation by chance and more on innovation by design. Among employees whose organizations have high levels of intentional collaboration, 75% also report having high levels of team innovation,”

The Smarten Spaces digital Hybrid Workplace platform features the world’s first Hybrid Work Scheduler with AI-based recommendations, Desk Booking, Meeting Room and Amenity Booking, Workplace Health and Safety, Visitor Management, the Workplace Experience App, and more than 90 out-of-the-box workplace integrations.

Collabogence’s data-based platform, with dashboards and tools, enables organizations to make evidence-based workplace and workforce decisions, test scenarios, and have the ability to track subsequent changes. The insights it provides from the data, also allow organizations to develop strategies to re-capture the collaboration lost while working remotely. Understanding the mix of “Personas”, and how they work and use space, allow for the assessment of the suitability of the space mix and for data-based design.

“Most organizations are struggling to create hybrid schedules that bridge in-person and remote work and maximize collaboration time”, said Dinesh Malkani, CEO, Smarten Spaces. “We are excited to bring to market revolutionary AI- and evidence-based scheduling solutions to make the digital hybrid workplace easy to implement and, at the same time, improve employee collaboration and connectedness .”

The partnership between Smarten Spaces and Collabogence gives organizations the ability to:

  • assure “value” to employees when returning to the office. Other people they work with need to be there at the same time, otherwise they might as well stay home;
  • utilize What-if scenarios to test and optimize the productivity of personas, colleagues, teams, and groups;
  • implement Hybrid Workplace models based on collaborative data;
  • maximize collaboration time with the Hybrid Work Scheduler to bring the right people, teams, and groups into the office together; and,
  • monitor hybrid home-office balance to determine space requirements and ultimately determine how much of what kind of space is required through measuring utilization and actual work accomplished in space.

“By integrating Smarten Spaces’ Workplace platform with the Collabogence framework of evidence-based data decision making, organizations have deeper visibility and the insights necessary to effectively implement Future of Work initiatives and ultimately determine how much of what kind of space they require. ” Peter Smit, Founder and CEO, Collabogence.

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