Co-working Space Management

By 2027, 50 percent of the US workforce will comprise of freelancers 1 — primarily millennials and Gen Z. This workforce that is undoubtedly vibrant, smart, and tech-savvy is in search of the right office space that is trendy, convenient, and cost-effective.

Most co-working offices or shared spaces provide world-class interiors at affordable rates, but is it enough? The exciting freelance ecosystem needs cutting-edge solutions that inspire productivity and enhance convenience.

We, at Smarten Spaces, leverage technology to provide next-gen solutions for co-workers. By integrating our artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, we elevate the entire journey of co-workers from on-boarding to exit.

Key Features


Seat Allocation

Helps to allocate seats smartly and dynamically


Smart Entry

Access via mobile phones and number plate recognition Wayfinding solution in 3D


Smart Cafe

Real-time insights on occupancy and queue length AI-based health tips and recommendations


Book Meeting Rooms

Allows to share the common rooms with great efficiency and without any hassle


Building Management

Real-time monitoring of temperature and lighting using IoT sensors and BMS with visual analytics. AI-based transport recommendations. Online, bot-based booking system for amenities.


Smart Community

Infomation on events Carpooling information available at the click of a button Exclusive offers, gamification, and referral information available online


Easy Payments

Handle payments easily for any premium services


Service Integration

Integrate services like a printer, wifi etc into the list


Concierge Services

Concierge services that make work life easy

We leverage technology to provide next-gen solutions for co-workers.

Why Smarten Spaces?


Complete Platform

Only platform for all space types – workplace, residential, co-working, and commercial


Reduce Vendors

Reduce vendors from 15 to 1 with digital workplace transformation


AI & IoT

World's first end-to-end AI / IoT platform for spaces – over 25 services on a single platform


Cut Down Inefficiency

Cut down on costs by 30%, hardware by 50%, and time by 25%


Easy integration

Easy integration to enable interfacing with any mobile/web application


Hardware Integration

Expertise in hardware integration

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