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[Article] Smarten Spaces: Helping Enterprises Navigate the Transition to the Hybrid Workplace

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, there was momentum toward more flexible work models with companies experimenting with remote work, so-called hoteling, and other non-traditional approaches to the workplace. The pandemic, of course, upended everything and dramatically accelerated this shift. As companies now prepare to start bringing at least some employees back into the office, they need to create what some call a new, hybrid workplace, which is precisely what Smarten Spaces helps in doing.

The company provides a cloud-based service that helps organizations manage the transition from remote work to a more flexible, hybrid workplace through a suite of management tools. Its suite enables things like scheduling and managing desks for workers that are coming in only some of the time. It also addresses what it calls workforce rostering to ensure that the right mix of workers are either in the office or working remote at any given time, and helps ensure that they’re sitting near their teammates when they do come in.

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