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[Article] Smart, hybrid and personalised: Welcome to the post-pandemic workplace

The future office is set to become even smarter and more customised to individual and corporate needs.

Global workplace technology brand Smarten Spaces has been working with Fortune 500 companies in over 250 locations around the world on workplace safety and space management through an open AI and IoT platform powered by its Jumpree software app.

Smarten Spaces’ founder and chief executive officer Dinesh Malkani shared that in the early days of COVID-19, the most popular functions on the software included contactless check-in, online seat bookings incorporating automatic safe distancing calculations and real-time updates on when office spaces were last sanitised.

He added: “Today, as businesses recognise that working from home is not a short-term trend and that the future of work will be hybrid, more customers are looking to our employee engagement offerings. These include friend finder features, automatic split-team roster scheduling, service requests, and health and wellness features such as temperature controls.”

As conglomerates re-look the need for prime office space – banks around the world are already planning cuts – Singapore offices can take a cue from Workery+, a co-working space by Smarten Spaces’ client YIT, a Finnish urban development company.

It provides all the bells and whistles of a stylish venue – a gym, a professional studio for webcasts and video production and a cafe-restaurant serving healthy grub – with all the necessary COVID-19 checks such as air-purification and cyber and physical security features.

In Singapore, companies who want to test out various workplace technologies, such as environmental sensors and video-conferencing, before actually implementing them, can do so at Smarten’s newly opened Future of Workplace Living Lab at TripleOne Somerset.

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