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How Using a Workspace Management Software Supports Your Hybrid Model

Thursday, Dec 29, 2022
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Hybrid workplaces have become standard practice for companies looking to embrace the new business normal. A successful hybrid model, however, requires a lot of forethought and work. Managers are often tasked with manually updating schedules or booking desks via dreaded spreadsheet programs. That alone eats up countless hours, which stifles one of the biggest advantages of setting up a hybrid workplace.

There’s no point in saving time if you’re just going to spend it frivolously on small picture mundanities. Luckily, there are solutions available. Workspace management software can streamline hybrid workplace scheduling—helping you attain the results you need with a fraction of the time and effort. What is workplace management software and how can it help, you ask?

What Is a Workspace Management Software?

Efficient hybrid work models result in better-managed facilities. For example, a 100-employee company might only have 50 collaborating onsite while the rest work remotely. Rotating these employees in and out of the workplace (with the help of workspace management software) means the company can effectively cut its workspace costs in half. Think about it: you only need half as many workstations, half as much technology, and half as much space to achieve the same output.

Hot desking alone can save you big bucks. Other resources, like meeting rooms, equipment, and parking spaces, can be reserved digitally, too. Meanwhile, company leaders can use workspace management software to designate sanitization schedules so they never interfere with workflow. Less interruption means more execution.
The key to efficient workspace planning lies in streamlined automation. The right workspace management software can get you there.

Maximizing Spatial Location Intelligence

One thing the best workspace management systems have in common is the use of spatial analytics—programs that analyze data over time to understand how your office space is being used. This includes daily and even hourly trends, revealing which office workdays/times yield the highest productivity. Spacial analytics also help managers spot underused areas that they can revamp or redesignate for other purposes.

Conversely, some areas may be too in demand. Rather than leaving employees to fend for themselves, company leaders can offer more access to that kind of space. No tension, no stress, just better-equipped teams with the resources they need, when they need them.

Properly leveraging workspace management software allows you to implement hot desking and flexible scheduling to better meets your company’s unique needs. Doing so leads to an overall smoother workplace. Not only are you getting your money’s worth out of your company workspace, but you’re also preventing double-booking and communication errors in the process. Again, less interruption, more execution.

Furthermore, giving employees the freedom to choose their workspace makes them feel valued and respected. These feelings translate into having a more positive perception of the company they dedicate so much of their lives to. Imagine being able to influence without having to sacrifice. That’s the magic of workplace management software.

Use Analytics to Implement a Flexible Work Culture

Flexibility is perhaps the greatest advantage of a hybrid workplace. Before the pandemic, companies offered perks to help attract and retain employees. They included things like gym memberships, in-office baristas, and daycare services.

Since the pandemic, however, employees’ priorities have shifted. Being able to offer a healthy work-life balance is more important than ever for retaining good workers. A flexible work schedule is an integral part of that equation.

The best workspace management software fosters flexibility by letting employees schedule their own work times. Remember, your employees are real people with real, full lives to tend to. Their kids wake up with runny noses the same as yours do. Helping them better align their work and personal schedules—and having the freedom to adjust them as needed—reduces absenteeism, stress, and the million other things that weigh your employees and business down.

Workplace management software can automatically integrate their needs into a tiered scheduling system. No manager piecing together schedules like a bad game of Tetris is required. As a result, workers are more readily able to achieve work-life balance—and are happier and more productive because of it.

It Gives You Insight Into Real-Time Data on Space Utilization

Data management is the name of the game when it comes to proper workspace management. The sooner you can access that data, the sooner you can make smarter, better-informed business decisions. Real-time data from sensors, visual tools, and key metrics can help managers see the bigger picture more clearly and institute changes.

That transparency translates to even greater efficiency. With workspace management software at their side, employees can directly reserve spaces in advance—no middleman necessary. Team members get to enjoy more freedom, managers can better direct their energy, and company leaders get to maximize the square footage they’re already paying for. Real-time data ensures your workspace is functioning optimally—even through the ebbs and flows of life and business. Learn to harness it, and the world is yours.

Give Your Hybrid Workplace the Support It Needs With Smarten Spaces

Hybrid work models boast huge benefits, but only if they’re implemented effectively. Investing in yours now will make it that much more profitable down the line. Not only in terms of dollars, but in employee satisfaction, public perception, and productivity, as well. The best part? Workspace management software is the foundation for all of it. The analytics it provides gives you the data you need to streamline your workplace management and ensure that you make the most effective use of your office space.

Smarten Spaces is the ideal solution for all of your hybrid workspace needs, including AI desk booking and employee engagement options. Contact us today to learn more about what our software can do for you!


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