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Workplace Solutions To Consider: How Does Workspace Management Software Work

Thursday, Dec 29, 2022
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The increasingly permanent shift to hybrid and remote work arrangements does, however, come with its fair share of challenges. Luckily, a high-tech workforce also means high-tech solutions. With workspace solutions and work management software, you can effortlessly streamline hybrid workplace management, enhance employee engagement, and optimize communication.

While both in-office and remote work setups boast their own pros and cons, the post-pandemic work culture is largely integrating the two. This allows employees and employers to experience the best of both worlds. With the help of hybrid workspace management software, you can maximize productivity, improve work-life balance, and minimize expenditures.

The increasingly permanent shift to hybrid and remote work arrangements does, however, come with its fair share of challenges. Luckily, a high-tech workforce also means high-tech solutions. With workspace solutions and work management software, you can effortlessly streamline hybrid workplace management, enhance employee engagement, and optimize communication.

Here’s what to look for when choosing workspace management software to make running a hybrid office setup a breeze.

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What Is a Workplace Management Software?

Workspace management software is an essential platform for any company transitioning to a hybrid work environment.

In the past, Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWSM) centered around the governance of real estate, corporate space, and facility administration. The platforms were designed to focus on property management rather than the people who occupied them.

Work management software has taken the backbone of IWSM and revamped it to meet the demands of the modern workplace. Although the digital application still facilitates workplace and office space management, it now also supports operations and employee experience in real time.

Poor communication hinders productivity even when teams are working in-office, much less when dispersed across cities, countries, and continents. Workspace solutions provide HR managers, office executives, and facility managers the tools to build a more flexible, more productive hybrid workplace experience.

Key Features of Workspace Management Software

Modern workspace management software integrates key elements that enable the smooth running of hybrid workplace models.

1. Smart Desk and Room Booking

To effectively run a hybrid model, a platform should make it easy for employees to manage work-related schedules and book workspaces accordingly.
Smarten Spaces, for example, provides an all-in-one tool with 3D floor maps of your facility. This means that meeting rooms, desks, lockers, parking spaces, squash courts, and even theater seats can be pre-booked by employees via the app. Additionally, employees can locate their colleagues in real time. They can even integrate the app with Zoom, Teams, Outlook, and other apps.
Furthermore, management can gain insights into space usage and workplace preferences to effectively balance amenity supply and demand.


2. Hybrid Workplace Management

A tool that features a Hybrid Workplace Scheduler allows managers, teams, and individuals to plan work-from-office days for meaningful collaboration. When you create an office schedule, the system will automatically allocate or release a desk. Managers can approve workplace schedule requests and bookings. This data is available at the organizational level, team, department, or individual level.

3. Space and Smart Building Management

Workspace solutions like Smarten Spaces grant you access to real-time data to maximize safety, streamline maintenance, and manage lease renewals and administration.
Visitor management solutions offer contactless check-ins and geo-fencing integration with an access control system. You can even send visitors a health declaration ahead of time to streamline visitor management. Managers have access to digitized logs of visitor entries.

Additionally, the software makes it easy to log and track maintenance management, incident reports, housekeeping, and supply requests. The appropriate person will then receive real-time notifications for quick issue resolution.
Yet another advantage of a smart building management feature is that you gain invaluable insights into the dollar impact of every square meter occupied. This facilitates real estate cost optimization.

4. Employee Engagement

Without your employees, your organization is nothing. You know this. That is precisely why the right workplace management software should put your people first. The way to do this is by enhancing their employee experience.

Smarten Spaces does just that by providing a platform to facilitate meaningful employee connection and communication. With a communication network dedicated to their workplace, they can stay up-to-date with news, announcements, events, e-learning, workshops, and wellness initiatives. You can configure this into location-specific community pages.

Management can use this space to conduct surveys and stay in touch with employee needs and desires.

Benefits of Workplace Management System

Once business owners, HR managers, and employees experienced the benefits of remote work, they started to see expensive office real estate, long commutes and distracting open office spaces from a new perspective.
As a result, a hybrid workplace model has become synonymous with drawing and retaining top talent—and not having to shell out so much cash to do it.
Granted, the office still serves an integral purpose in business functions. Workplace management software allows employers to combine the benefits of remote and on-site work. That way, they never miss a beat.
It’s worth reiterating that office space management tool extends far beyond managing a business property and space usage. It contributes to employee morale and satisfaction, improves security, and aids in asset management and financial analysis.
Using workspace management software streamlines office operations and minimizes logistical incongruencies while elevating the employee experience. With occupancy, peak usage, and employee preference data analysis, managers can adjust office layouts to optimize productivity for a fraction of the cost.

All-In-One Workspace Management Software With Smarten Spaces

Workspace management software plays an integral role in every aspect of a hybrid work model. Smarten Spaces understands this well, so we created a state-of-the-art solution to make managing your hybrid teams a breeze. Double bookings, miscommunication, wasted budgets, unused real estate, and inefficient office management are headaches of the past. With real-time analytics, push notifications, dedicated work collaboration groups, and on-demand office facility bookings, your workforce can maximize efficiency and embrace a better work-life balance.
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