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[Blog] Transition From Point Solutions to an Interconnected Workplace Experience

Thursday, Dec 29, 2022
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New workplace challenges need a new kind of software

As organizations around the globe re-think their approach to work and move to a hybrid model, the technology needed to support the digital workplace ecosystem has taken center stage. Disconnected business systems, however, can harm productivity and trigger unnecessary operational friction by forcing employees to utilize an ever-expanding number of digital platforms and tools to do their jobs: software apps and similar “point solutions” devoted to various, but specific tasks.

Businesses must transition from traditional point solutions to more interconnected workplace platforms, benefitting from raised productivity levels and fewer incidents of workforce stress while gaining a competitive advantage. In this regard, the role of tech leaders is becoming more pronounced, with 40% of CEOs saying their CIO will become the key driver of business strategy—more than the CFO, COO, and CMO combined!

Point Solutions Are Disconnected and Difficult to Scale

Data silos hurt productivity.

Hyperfocused solutions can hurt overall efficiency.
Digital Transformation is leveraging technology to increase corporate nimbleness by integrating business and IT. While point solutions deliver targeted interventions to solve a single business problem, having multiple ‘points’ can make things a bit muddled. As digital disruption is largely associated with the modernization of technology, this requires eliminating legacy systems that are holding companies back, unable to adapt to the modern business environment.

Legacy IT and point solutions are causing inefficiency and frustration. Studies have found that more than 50% of employees are unhappy at work due to outdated software, while almost 25% say they’ve considered quitting because of the software they’re using in the workplace.

As an example—one point solution might allow you to schedule time in a meeting room or desk, while another might help you manage workspace and office hours. An integrated workplace system, such as Smarten Spaces’ Workplace platform, helps organizations manage both of these functions. Both tasks in the example are necessary, but the specificity of point solutions prevents them from being used beyond a particular application. As a result, workers need to access multiple point solutions for basic workday tasks, each with its own interface. Logging in and out of 4-5 applications to access information can lead to frustration and a reluctance to use the point solutions as required.

In addition, start-up times for implementing point solutions can be unduly long, and with each new one added to the equation, the complexities increase. That in turn can have a ripple effect across much of the company, morphing from a mere nuisance into a very costly irritation. Perhaps most problematic, there is rarely an option for expansion with point solutions.

They lack the flexibility to let you make adjustments according to changing needs—which can stymie growth and leave you less able to take advantage of new opportunities —while vendor support costs and similar expenses can raise the total cost of ownership considerably.

Every innovation in a business process is accompanied by an increase in the level and layers of IT architecture, and companies looking to transition away from point solutions need a strong plan and a deep understanding of how interconnected systems will work and ultimately benefit them.

Efficient Workplace Experience Using Interconnected Solutions

Interconnected solutions are a smarter and more forward-thinking way to address challenges. More importantly, they improve functionality in hybrid offices.

The proper platform can integrate and automate many management tools, allowing you to handle workforce scheduling, desk and meeting room management, and COVID safety management with maximum flexibility. The Smarten Marketplace, for example, brings together customers, solution providers, system integrators, and consultants on a global ecosystem to accelerate digital workplace transformation. How? Simple really. By sourcing best-in-class technology partner solutions with pre-built integrations for fast procurement and deployment speed, you leverage Smarten’s AI & IoT platform as a recommendation engine and single source of data and insights for space and workforce analytics. You benefit from the ease of finding and deploying extended digital capabilities to your management process by integrating an existing building system (if you have one) with a workplace experience app.

The benefits of this approach are considerable, offsetting the up-front cost, and provide tremendous ROI over the lifetime of the business. They give you the tools to address a number of management problems, while simultaneously saving your work staff considerable time. More specifically, they provide the following advantages:

Fast, risk-free, and drives innovation. Modern integration solutions enable you to be nimble in today’s complex data environment. These single subscription models with out-of-the-box configurable integration applications drive innovation by connecting new software solutions without needing any coding experience. Enable utilities to analyze real-time data and make fast and more accurate decisions.

Agility. Modern integral solutions can be tailored to fit your company’s space and personnel requirements as needed. Having the ability to modify, extend and transform existing business models into the future is, perhaps, the most valuable aspect of having a modern enterprise architecture.

Growth. If your company is expanding, you need an integrated solution that expands with it. The right solution will grow to fit your business’s needs, ensuring you can take advantage of new hires and shifting variables with minimal loss in functionality.
The right platform means efficiency and a healthy workplace.

Long-Range Planning. An integral solution should allow you to plan ahead; looking beyond the day-to-day functions of your business and evaluating where it’s going.

Smarten Spaces, Your All-in-One Interconnected Workplace Experience Platform


Smarten Spaces is designed to cover those bases, providing you with a smart and effective solution to organize your management tools in a rapidly hybridizing workplace. Our platform is comprehensive, flexible, and customizable to meet your unique requirements. With Smarten, you can coordinate all manner of Space scheduling and management issues:

Hybrid Workforce Management: Designed to schedule office hours while adhering to the ongoing safety needs of COVID-19.
Scheduling of Meeting Rooms, flexible desks, and Food & Beverage Services: Automates the scheduling of common areas to ensure safety and efficiency.
business and evaluating where it’s going.

Visitor Management & Access Control: Logging and tracking visitors with a touchless QR code sent to their phone with healthcare directives, ensuring access control to not just the building, but elevators, floors, and spaces.

Space Management: Simplify the process for new space requests or a move. Recommendations help you book desks across multiple days. There’s complete visibility on where everyone is sitting and who’s working together.

Service Requests: Allowing employees to pinpoint issues immediately and alert the relevant department to intervene.

Employee Engagement: A smooth, integrated app that’s easy to use and can be adjusted to suit specific needs.

Smarten Spaces offers a transformative, modern hybrid workplace experience platform that can help your organization thrive in this new economy where the distinction between life and work is becoming increasingly blurred. Flexible work arrangements increase productivity and we can help you find the right model for your team so they are happier and healthier.-
business and evaluating where it’s going.

Get in touch and let’s chat about how you can transition from point solutions to an interconnected workplace experience with flexible workplaces that promote employee happiness and productivity. Schedule an interactive virtual workplace lab today, and we’ll show you just how transformative Smarten Spaces can be!



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