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The Top 5 Benefits of a Digital Workplace

Thursday, Dec 29, 2022
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A digital workplace is a cloud-based work platform enabling employees to access all of the data, tools, and collaboration features they need to work remotely. With it, they can do their job anywhere while staying connected with other team members. In the new normal of the business world, where remote and hybrid workspaces are becoming industry standards, digital workspaces are becoming a necessity. Their benefits extend far beyond connection. When applied as part of an overall hybrid or remote work plan, the results can be transformative. To both your work culture and bottom line.

1. A Digital Workplace Provides a Whole New Employee Experience

Collaboration tools in a digital workplace allow employees to get what they need no matter where they are. With things like employee directories, activity feeds, social profiles, and messaging apps, team members can communicate and connect through their devices. This creates a sense of belonging and contribution to a larger whole, even if they’re not physically present or working from the same space. This, in turn, allows the company and its employees to reap the benefits of a remote hybrid work model. All while retaining the social connection of full-time work in a central office.

2. Offers Flexibility to Employees

Flexibility is the watchword of the new business environment and a core benefit of digital workplaces. Employees gain the flexibility to better balance their work needs with their personal life and save time and money on things like commutes. The company also saves money on office expenses and other day-to-day costs. Everybody involved gains convenience and freedom – and as a result, productivity improves.

Employees also feel stronger loyalty toward their company and are less likely to leave their roles to pursue competitors who prioritize work-life balance. All of these things work together to provide the benefits of stability and experience. Without foregoing the ability to quickly troubleshoot or problem solve.

A digital workplace is key to your business’s ability to do just that. By creating a virtual space that anyone can access, your business can coordinate schedules, and organize meetings. It can also handle old office realities like hot-desking or occupancy limits. AI algorithms can take care of the bulk of the work. This frees up time for managers to focus on other important things. Therefore, all workplace elements function optimally while ensuring everyone can communicate at the touch of a button.

3. Boosts Employee Retention Rate

As discussed, the new normal is a very worker-friendly market. Potential employees are no longer bound to job opportunities in their local area, but can conceivably work for any company anywhere in the world that has a proper digital workplace set up. Furthermore, they can look for positions that favor work-life balance, and allow them to do the things they wish to in their off-time while still meeting their commitments to the company.

Far from reducing productivity, studies have shown that these employees are more productive. Not to mention, they take fewer sick days and meet company goals more easily. They’re also happier and more loyal to their employers! Businesses, in turn, benefit from the experience of what is more likely to become long-term employees.

4. Innovates Workplace Collaborative Process

The biggest benefit of a centralized office is the collaboration it sparks. Team members who share a space can connect, share ideas, develop strategies, and create a unique synergy that results in growth and strong performance for the company. A digital workplace needs to perform the same functions. This way, it retains the benefits of a hybrid or remote workplace without losing the collaborative process crucial to every team. A digital workplace also acts as an invaluable organizational tool. This is from streamlining processes and organizing schedules to tracking project statuses and prioritizing tasks.

Granted, it requires an internal cultural shift to function effectively. The platform you use needs to align with your organization’s unique digital priorities, business goals, and employee expectations. Smarten Spaces’ software is designed with a unique configuration in mind. You can craft the perfect digital workplace template to facilitate the collaborative process in your company.

5. Reduces Costs While Improving Productivity

Operational costs of hybrid or fully remote workplaces can be significantly lower than traditional business offices. With a digital workplace up and running, the need to have every team member in a central office at once vanishes. This, in turn, lets you cut down on the amount of office space you need, including all of the equipment and maintenance services required to keep it running!

SaaS platforms allow you to manage on-premise servers or software that might need time-consuming upkeep. Similarly, things like meeting rooms can be replaced by virtual meetings and interactive chat boards. With the scope of the digital workspace expanding to handle face-to-face collaboration, you can reduce or eliminate travel costs as well. All of this can be accomplished without losing productivity or work quality, provided you have the right plan and tools for your particular needs.

Innovate Your Workplace With Smarten Spaces

A digital workplace needs to be innovative and all-encompassing, allowing you and your team to get everything they need through a single shared space. Otherwise, your platform could silo, requiring multiple apps or programs to function – complicating its use considerably. Smarten Spaces operates as an integrated digital workplace solution. Our software allows you to organize, manage, and adjust all aspects of your digital workspace – as you need to, on your terms. If you’re looking for enhanced collaboration and increased productivity in a hybrid or remote work environment, Smarten Spaces is the partner for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn how a digital workplace can benefit you, your employees, and your brand.


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