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Thursday, Dec 29, 2022
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Over the past few years, the pandemic has completely disrupted the way we work, play, and live. Flexibility is the key disruptor, allowing people all over the world to own their work-life balance. Some companies are embracing this, while some are hesitant to adapt to this new way of life. We believe that there is no turning back. Our platform data trends show that the hybrid way of work is here to stay, and companies need to adopt new work practices if they want to attract and retain their amazing talent. They need to step into the future and embrace an engaging, exciting, and technology-driven workplace – which now includes the home and the office.

Today we are extremely honored and proud to launch our latest technology innovation for the new workplace – Jumpree Pro.

Allowing any company in any industry to provide a better working experience for their employees, Jumpree Pro is the all-in-one tool for booking any space – personal spaces, meeting spaces, shared spaces, amenities, or anything that your office has to offer.

Jumpree Pro comes with 3D floor mapping and wayfinding that helps your teams view and book anything using an intuitive interface. The engagement software lets teams work together, attend events, nudge each other, become part of interest groups, and much more.

The Smarten Spaces team has had the opportunity to work with some of the best companies in the world to help them solve their workplace-related issues. From the east to the west, there is now a shared understanding that the new way of work is flexible, engagement driven, and technology-centered. Companies are also starting to completely redesign their spaces to make them more inclusive. Whether it’s having a space for people to bring their pets, EV chargers for electric cars, providing vegan food, or the option of standing desks, companies are going all out to make sure their employees are cared for and never feel that working at the office is not as convenient as working at home.

Software is changing the world. Data and key metrics are helping companies make their workplaces highly equitable. Companies have realized that the “one size doesn’t fit all” model doesn’t work anymore, and therefore they must start catering to every individual. The knowledge of personas is helping make sure that flexible policies are in place and the workplace is ready to manage the evolving needs of employees. Giving employees the right technology tools to enable them to plan their days at the workplace better is also paramount. Employees should have the ability to book spaces for meetings, desks they like to work on, and the knowledge of who’s coming in on what days. Our latest innovation lets you do all of this on one platform.

Say hello to the future of work with Jumpree Pro!

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