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Microsoft Teams X Smarten Spaces – Unlocking A New Milestone

Tuesday, Apr 11, 2023
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As the founder and CEO of Smarten Spaces, I am excited to announce to you that we are on the path to redefine the way technology works in a Digital workplace. We learnt a lot through our current deployments in 30 countries, over 5 Million employee transactions each year and growing rapidly, over 20+ Fortune 500 companies and growing. We had alot of asks from the industry.

  • It should solve the one big company ASK – help me reduce space and optimize it for a hybrid world.
  • Give the employees easy to use frictionless tools so that they can manage in a hybrid world. They need to collaborate, engage, innovate. They need spaces they like, they need meeting rooms they love, they want thermal comfort and the list goes on
  • It should be super easy to deploy – End the world of complexity, cost, time, effort. Deployment time – In hours not months.
  • No need to download another app. Just use Microsoft Teams.
  • It should work as if it was a part of all the other infrastructure you have
  • Microsoft Teams, Outlook, sensors, WiFI. This should be out of the box.
  • We worked with Fortune 500 companies and now have over 5 million transactions on our system each year and growing. The power of the platform should be available to this solution so it is scalable from 499 users to tens of thousands.
  • Eventually the analytics should help you make real decisions about space optimization.

9 months of hard work, millions of lines of code, great teamwork between the Microsoft Teams Product team and our teams. And we are finally here.

Jumpree by Smarten Spaces for Microsoft Teams

This is a true game changer. With Jumpree by Smarten Spaces, employees can exercise a host of options – from selecting the days they work from the office, synchronizing schedules with colleagues, and booking spaces that best suit their requirements. The solution enables employees to book meeting and collaboration spaces, desks, and other amenities across the office, with ease, without the need for any additional app downloads. Everything in 3D. This not only makes it easier for employees to work in a hybrid environment, but it also helps companies optimize their spaces and reduce up to 30% space costs.

Our journey with this solution has just begun, there is a lot more to come. We feel proud to deliver this and hope you love it. Please try it out and we hope we can begin a journey in helping you succeed in having the best workplace for your employees.

Heartfelt Gratitude

Dinesh Malkani

Founder and CEO, Smarten Spaces

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