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How to Improve Conference Room Booking Experience?

Thursday, Dec 29, 2022
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Teams that work together effectively have a greater chance of business success. The interaction between colleagues, clients, and business partners contributes significantly to business profits.

Continuous brainstorming, implementation of ideas, and assigning dedicated actions ultimately contribute to the business growth and a spike in revenue. Effective collaboration at work requires regular meetings, and thus one should make sure to optimize the same for a seamless experience.

You may have spent days or weeks trying to find a conference room that fits your needs and is available at the time of your event. But after all that hard work, sometimes you just don’t get what you need or want.

Having a conference room does make a difference in the business, but what matters is how well your professional partners are experiencing the premise.

So how do you ensure that your conference room booking experience is exceptional?

This manual will assist you in comprehending the factors that you should take into account when dealing with conference room management.

Best Practices for Conference Room Control System

Outlined are the few initiatives that you need to implement to simplify and ease the meetings in your professional premise:

1. Adopt a Centralised Booking System

The professional workspace has turned out to be agile, and thus, there’s a need for the co-working spaces to adapt a centralized booking system that allows the business entities to deal with multiple booking facilities such as

  • Real-time booking
  • Fetch real-time analysis
  • Integration with calendars
  • Flexibility to re-schedule or cancel
  • Enhance employee engagement

2. Understand Space Utilization

Make sure that you respect the space that you have booked to carry out your business meetings. Before you book your room, make sure that no one has done with a previous booking.
If you are conducting a meeting that involves a few attendees, then booking a smaller conference room system turns out to be a much more feasible option.

3. Switch on Digital Signage

As a precautionary measure, it is safe to deal with a digital signage system as compared to a biometric or any other traditional method.
For instance, a QR Code can be utilized as an entry facility that the attendees need to scan and provide their details to proceed further. Adapting such smart-building facilities acts as a point of confirmation ensuring complete safety.

4. Install Video Conferencing Facility

Unquestionably, technology has been one of the core drivers uniting team collaboration. Having an uninterrupted conference room scheduling system allows your team to collaborate with remote employees and deep-dive into further discussion.

5. Educate Members on Etiquette

Outlining a brief about the meeting policies helps the meeting attendees to ensure there’s enough time to cover the agenda.

Briefing the meeting attendees about the following turns out to be beneficial, which involve:

  • Outlining the meeting agenda
  • Closing the door
  • Switching the phones off
  • Keeping the premise clean

6. Get a Video Camera and Projectors Installed

Get a video camera on-site so that you have proof of what happened during the event if something goes wrong or someone needs extra time in the room (which happens!).
Installation of projectors and screens in your conference room also plays an essential part in your business to ensure that your collaborations run smoothly and successfully.

7. Enhance the Workplace Environment

Always bear in mind that your goal should be to create a conference room experience that makes meeting with co-workers simple, effective, and fun.

In addition to enhancing how you conduct meetings every day, having the appropriate software and equipment in place and conveying clear objectives will enhance the working environment.

To know more, here’s a guide 5 Smart Moves that Increases Agility in Your Hybrid Workplace Movement, that will help you to get more clarity on improving your system.

8. Appoint a Facility Manager

It is really essential for every business to appoint a facility manager whose duty is to make sure that everything runs smoothly. In case anyone is facing an issue, he is the one to be approached.

Every manager knows the importance of planning and booking conference rooms in the best possible manner. At the same time, it’s hard to predict what will happen in the upcoming weeks.

Reserving a conference room is an activity that you might end up proceeding ahead with twice, thrice, or even more during a week.

Before you invite your clients or colleagues to proceed ahead, taking care of the minute details is essential as it leaves a strong impact in the eyes of your business partners.

If you follow the tips mentioned in this guide, you will be able to streamline the conference room meeting in a more simplified manner and create a seamless experience for everyone.

If you are looking forward to a perfect and hassle-free conference room booking experience, then Smarten Spaces is here to assist you with scalable, inclusive, and easy-to-operate business space solutions. For more information, contact us today-we’d be glad to assist!


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