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[BLOG] Hybrid Work in 2022: What’s Next for the Hybrid Work Environment?

Thursday, Dec 29, 2022
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The Great Resignation has spurred a sea of change in the working world, and the advent of a post-local workspace has given rise to a plethora of changes no matter what field you’re in. The pandemic, in tandem with accelerated developments in communications technology, has created a “new normal” where hybrid work is flourishing.

A hybrid workplace—where all or some of the employees spend at least part of their workweek at home or in a similar locale—provides a number of advantages. The big benefit being that it affords workers is the flexibility to achieve a healthier work-life balance while slashing overhead costs for employees.

Research suggests it’s here to stay. A recent study from Gallup indicates that 45% of the workforce operated remotely over the last year and that a staggering 90% want to maintain a hybrid work schedule going forward.

That’s expected to drive trends throughout the business world in 2022. Here are some ways your company can take full advantage.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation Boosts Efficiency


“Robots are coming for our jobs.” Years ago, it was predicted that the rise of AI would lead to the demise of the workforce with these kinds of doomsday scenarios regularly bandied about. As it turns out, the opposite is true. AI has made a huge difference in office productivity, automating functions that used to require human attention and freeing up countless work hours in the process.

Hybrid workplaces have become much easier to manage thanks to AI, allowing managers to streamline hybrid scheduling, update health and safety guidelines, and more. Smarten Spaces was created with just that need in mind. It harnesses AI-powered algorithms to help you quickly sift through complicated data and includes the world’s first hybrid scheduler.

IoT Creates Connected Workplace Solutions


The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a connected network of devices that respond and interact with each other. From better tracking of packages to smart identification of problems in a given production process, it‘s been quietly but powerfully transforming the business world.

When leveraged properly, IoT creates connected and spirited hybrid workplace solutions. Particularly effective when it comes to a hybrid office, managers become empowered to make shared spaces safe, accessible, and collaborative.

Sensors, for example, can be placed in common areas to monitor occupancy and ensure you meet current safety standards. AI-driven environmental controls can make automatic adjustments to temperature and shading, trimming operating expenses by turning those functions off when not in use. That helps you maximize efficiency and lower your company’s carbon footprint while ensuring that your workers are performing in a dynamic office environment.

Greater Focus on Employee Experience in the Office or at Home


Hybrid workplaces are thriving because they give employees a great deal of flexibility in how they accomplish their tasks. A hybrid schedule allows them to better address issues at home while saving time otherwise lost to grinding commutes and similar delays.

Productivity doesn’t suffer. In fact, workers thrive and are often more productive and efficient, as well as feeling more loyal to their company for empathizing and responding to their needs. This development has prompted a serious rethink of how companies can enhance their employees’ personal and professional lives, regardless of whether they work from home, the office, or a combination of the two.

Automation helps with productivity because it facilitates clear communication and closer links within the “ecosystem” of a given office. By making it easier for employees to engage with each other—particularly those working remotely—you get higher productivity levels, as well as an enriched overall experience and corresponding dedication to the company.


Most importantly, it gives employees a voice. It empowers them to express their needs, concerns, and offer their input on specific issues with the confidence that they have been heard. That in turn, improves the strength of your hybrid workplace, allowing the company to take advantage of the increased time and productivity while affording employees a more fulfilling work/life balance.

Smarten Spaces’ array features are designed to help increase connections and strengthen bonds between employees. That includes the Community Feed option which lets you update your teams in real-time, ensuring that remote workers aren’t left out of the loop. Feedback tools enable you to conduct surveys and organize responses in a productive manner., ensuring the benefits of hybrid workplaces don’t come at the expense of close company bonds.

Smarten Spaces – The Future of Hybrid Work


Hybrid work is the future of work. It provides employees with more attractive career options while companies operate with increased speed, efficiency, and agility.

Hybrid workplaces that benefit from that will have a leg up on their competition, with the resources and flexibility to respond quickly to changing market conditions. With a Smarten Spaces solution at hand, you can transition to a hybrid workplace quickly, and then fine-tune it to help both you and your employees thrive together.

The future of work is here, and with the right technology, you can make it yours. Schedule a Smarten Spaces demo today, and together, let’s leverage AI technology to create a workplace experience breakthrough and bring your workplace and workforce together.


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