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How You Can Save Space With Digital Technologies!

Thursday, Dec 29, 2022
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Remote and hybrid offices have rapidly become the new normal; the advance of numerous digital technologies is only accelerating this change. This includes not only new ideas of what “office space” means but how people want to work in general. Greater flexibility allows for improved work-life balance and a healthier mental state. Comprehensive use of digital technologies enhances these offerings, making switching to the hybrid workspace the only decision that really makes sense.

Digital technologies are advancing in leaps and bounds, transforming our world in extraordinary ways. Nowhere is that more apparent than in business. Tech is rapidly changing how people work, creating new global markets and radically redefining events such as traditional business elements as central office space and the work clock. For example, in one global 2021 survey, 73% of employees said they want flexible remote work options to stay post-pandemic—something that wouldn’t have been possible without technological advances to keep remote workers connected.

Decentralizing the workplace doesn’t just work to workers’ advantage; businesses also benefit from these advances. Leasing costs and other day-to-day fees are huge expenses for most companies. Digital technologies, however, can save surprising amounts of space, thus also trimming costs. How can digital advancement save you space—and dollars—in the workplace?

AI Taking Care of Processes

As business moves from physical to virtual space, artificial intelligence works as one of the main digital technologies holding it all together. When employees work flexible hours—dividing time between working from home and in the office—AI tools can help automate scheduling and rotating desk assignments. It can regulate schedules for meeting spaces, find optimum meeting times, act as a front-of-house concierge, regulate cleaning schedules, and even handle tasks like monitoring cafeteria occupancy and lunch orders.

Automating all of these tasks makes it easier to manage a smaller and more cost-effective office space. Smarten Spaces uses automation and AI to streamline desk booking and cleaning schedules for managers. As a result, businesses function more effectively, while requiring less space. The automation measures put in place translate into real-world cost benefits and a hybrid workspace that functions as intended.

IoT Towards a “Connected” Workplace

Advancements in the “Internet of Things” or IoT devices further enable the decentralization of the workplace. IoT refers to the wide collection of tools that connect to the internet from afar—everything from your smartwatch to warehouse monitors to new intelligent thermostats. We’re just starting to discover all the novel ways IoT can digitize our lives. When it comes to reconnecting your workspace, IoT presents a revolution of possibilities.
With IoT digital technologies, an office can automatically open the door upon arrival, regulate the heating and air conditioning system, and schedule cleaning sessions based on workplace use. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

AI algorithmic functions can analyze metrics like energy usage and occupancy limits and make adjustments on the fly to optimize energy efficiency. Similarly, IoT tech can reduce maintenance and e-waste by tracking when a computer or similar product needs replacing, and informing management exactly when to budget those costs. In this way, IoT curbs office waste across the board, saving your company money—and storage space stays attuned for maximum efficiency.

AR/VR Breaking Through

AR and VR spaces used to be the stuff of science fiction. But—as with so many digital technologies—it’s rapidly advancing to play a vital role in every facet of our lives now.

Workplace uses for augmented and virtual reality have barely scratched the surface, but already the results have proved transformative. AR and VR allow HR managers to familiarize potential hires with the workspace remotely, and even allow them to remotely shadow their coworkers on a typical workday.

AR and VR can also cultivate a stronger virtual presence for remote employees, helping them stay connected to the team. Communication certainly runs easier: digital technologies can give team members instant access to models or materials via virtual displays. Strengthening the connections between team members makes it easier to exchange information and form interpersonal connections—which in turn makes a hybrid office structure-function all the more efficient.

Smarter Office Space Management

Remote and hybrid offices have rapidly become the new normal; the advance of numerous digital technologies is only accelerating this change. This includes not only new ideas of what “office space” means but how people want to work in general. Greater flexibility allows for improved work-life balance and a healthier mental state. Businesses themselves benefit from improved efficiency, increased time and resources, and enhanced loyalty among employees, who feel that their bosses respect and listen to them.

Smarten Spaces serves as a single solution for smarter office space management, using advanced digital technologies to increase the efficiency of your space. This includes:

  • Meeting room booking. Check people in, schedule amenities and cleaning, and ensure remote participants stay connected.
  • Space management. Smarten Spaces helps you handle expenses, supplies, and schedules to maximize the efficiency of your office space.
  • Hybrid workplace features. Handle booking, cleaning, and maintenance schedules, health, and occupancy standards, and more—all from one app!

Save Space With Digital Technologies

Tech continues to transform our world, and the pace of the change is only increasing as time goes on. Canny businesses that make the most of these tools will reap considerable benefits when it comes to resources, productivity, and employee satisfaction. Without adoption, however, they risk being left behind.

Smarten Spaces helps you navigate these changes and ensures that your business flourishes in the new normal. Smart space management can save businesses big on leases and similar day-to-day office costs, while also streamlining management’s workload via automation and analytics. Guarantee that your workplace functions at maximum profitability and productivity while attracting and retaining happy and productive employees.

Digital technology is the future of business. Let Smarten Spaces help you navigate this future effectively!



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