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How Space Management Helps Facility Managers

Thursday, Dec 29, 2022
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When it comes to the management of your facility, how do you keep track of all the space specifications? How can you make sure that you are staying within code, and that your employees are following the specifications for a space?

In today’s market, the occupancy rate of commercial properties is increasing. The availability of the office and rental space directly impacts the facility’s performance. While the situation may seem positive for facilities, it also presents difficulties when performing space management duties.

For example, if a company has a relatively small amount of space and too many departments that must operate independently, then how to make it work?

If you are a facility manager, you might have experienced that whenever a new project is undertaken, technical concerns always need to be addressed.

Regardless of the outcome, one thing is for certain: poor space means poor business. As a facility manager, your job is to organize and run the building such that it achieves the best possible function for its occupants.

By the end of this treatise, you will get a better idea of how to manage your space more productively.

Meaning of Space Management from a Business Perspective

The term “space management” stands out to be a critical component that focuses on the process of identifying and prioritizing unused space.

On the contrary, it also makes sure that all the spaces allotted are utilized effectively. It stands as a crucial point of discussion for organizations with multiple departments sharing a single building or campus.

In such cases, it is vital to understand what kind of use every department gets out of their shared spaces to avoid any conflicts in the future.

The Challenge in Space Planning in Facilities Management

One of the greatest challenges that lie today for facility managers is being able to manage their space so well that they can meet their organization’s needs while also making sure that they’re not wasting any space that could be better used by someone else.

Here’s more about the Five Part Guide to Build a Safe Workspace, that will help you to manage your workspace most effectively.

While dealing with the same, the first step is to take into consideration what you have:

● Does the facility have enough space?
● Do I need to update the utility space?
● How to optimize the available space?
● What kind of rooms do you have?
● What kind of furniture do you have?
● What’s the room layout?

These are a few questions that every facility manager asks. But here’s the thing- the biggest issue for most facility managers is getting their hands on accurate data about how the facilities work and blending space management in facilities management.

Space Management System: The Key to Your Business Acceleration

Space management is all about embracing change. The whole idea behind effective space management is to make space work for you by looking at it from a strategic perspective.

The implementation of workspace management gives managers a clear picture of how much space is being used to store equipment, materials, or any other official items. Simultaneously, it provides details on what is stored in every location.

Overall, it makes the job of the facility manager easier when it comes to dealing with the audit process as a record gets maintained, making sure that everything gets maintained effectively.

Contribution of Floor Space Management to Business

With effective space management, you can achieve better workflow, more efficiency, and significant operational savings.

A few of the ways it contributes magnificently to any organization are:

  • Improves the productivity of your staff
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Increases property value
  • Allows room for flexibility
  • Boosts workplace energy
  • Helps the employees stay engaged
  • Increase the organizational productivity
  • Enhances collaboration
  • Simplify technological movement
  • Creates a new room for planning and design

Tips to Manage Your Space Management Planning More Effectively

To help you understand the importance of the same, highlighted below are some helpful tips that can help you to manage your space more effectively, which involve:

  1. Make sure there’s enough room for everyone who needs it
  2. Make sure that every employee has got designated workspace
  3. Analyse whether you should expand the current space or relocate
  4. Manage the inventory and storage needs by area or department
  5. Facility managers can use space management software to track the space availability

In short, space management is critical for all facility managers. Whether you’re a commercial space or a residential property owner, taking effective steps at the right time can help you to utilize the available space in the best profitable move.

Even the busiest facility managers take space management seriously and a good program can help you to streamline the operations effectively.

From deciding whose responsibility, it is through to setting up a measurement plan, there’s a lot for you to explore. After that, you can begin to design the same by defining our business goals and objectives.

We hope the ideas and tips shared above will help you to design an effective plan that’s tailored to your business needs.

Smarten Spaces can help you to manage your space in the most professional and easiest way. Our space planner experts can assist you with move management in the most automated manner. To know more, contact our experts today-we’d be glad to assist!

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