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How Excellent Employee Experience Management Is Solving Hybrid Workplace Challenges

Thursday, Dec 29, 2022
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Employee satisfaction is more important than ever before. management will need to solve challenges that didn’t even exist a few years ago. This is as businesses transition from traditional centralized workplaces to hybrid models—where workers rotate between the office and home. Such problems invariably center around employee experience management. This entails ensuring that employees’ needs are met regardless of where they’re working from. The benefits of hybrid workplaces stem from keeping workers connected and allowing them to do their jobs with the desired flexibility. Employee experience management can solve many challenges of the emerging hybrid workplace.

Why Employee Experience Management Matters Now More Than Ever

Why has employee experience management suddenly taken on added importance? The rapid advancement of digital technologies over the past two years has expanded worker opportunities like never before. Prospective employees can search for jobs all over the world. This is thanks to hybrid workplace models that can accommodate them no matter where they live. That, in turn, lets them look for companies that cater to their needs and provide them with the flexibility they require to find a better work-life balance. This translates into improved performance and enhanced effectiveness.

More importantly, hybrid workplaces enhance worker loyalty—because no one’s back is left unscratched. That provides the company with the growing experience and expertise it needs to succeed. A hybrid workplace provides the environment for all of this to occur, and proper employee experience management ensures that it works as intended.

Feedback and Communication Are Important–More So Now

Traditionally businesses have relied on synchronous communications to get things done, with team members speaking to each other in real-time. However, with the rise of digital workspaces, synchronous communications are far less effective. Working hours on one side of the world will be drastically different on the other. Potential markets—and workers—are now found all over the world, with an unprecedented variety of digital communication opportunities. That means people need access to both data and each other in entirely new ways. It also presents new communication challenges as businesses must ensure that workers from multiple locations have access to the information and data they need whenever they need it. Employee experience management ensures that both sides of that equation are met.

For management, that means ensuring that remote workers not only have access to information but also that they can provide feedback efficiently. That lets them stay connected to the remainder of the business, as well as makes them feel heard and valued. With tools like Smarten Spaces, employee experience management becomes a lot easier – providing the connectivity and feedback options required for an effective hybrid workplace.

Make Working at the Office a Delight, Not a Punishment

Regardless of the circumstances, returning to the office is going to be an adjustment for many workers following the isolation of the pandemic. It affected us all differently. Some workers will welcome a return to friendly faces and colleagues in the office. Others may be experiencing their first close interaction with anyone besides family and friends in a long time. “Jet lag”—feeling like the timing of new office hours is inexplicably “off” may be common. Regardless, good employee experience management also entails ensuring that the return to the office—in whichever capacity works best for your unique hybrid work plan—is as pleasant as possible for everyone.

As with everything else in the new business reality, that means listening to your workers and accommodating their needs. Hybrid work schedules can be surprisingly complicated. Balancing the needs of specific jobs and the benefits of a communal space balanced against the work habits and personal needs of the individual is challenging. Health and safety needs must be met as well, and scheduling things like meeting rooms, should be hassle-free. The more readily you organize your office space and the easier your team can do its job, the better your transition back to a partial office environment will go.

Leverage Smart Technologies for Better Employee Experience

Good employee experience management depends on the use of smart technologies. Organization and accessibility are paramount to a hybrid workspace. Managers must coordinate office schedules, handle aspects of the new office environment (like hot desking), adhere to health and safety standards, and ensure that remote workers have everything they need to do their job effectively. Smart technology—like that offered by Smarten Spaces—takes all of the work out of this once complex task. It lets you set up and run a hybrid workspace the right way while reaping the benefits. Smarten Spaces’ smart technology includes:

Bring Innovation to Your Hybrid Workplace With Smarten Spaces

With hybrid workplaces offering far too many benefits to ignore, and excellent employee experience management an important part of that equation, your company should consider technological solutions. You guessed it, those offered by Smarten Spaces!

Our platform takes the guesswork out of scheduling and organizing hybrid workplaces, as it handles everything from hot-desking to interactive hybrid scheduling with swiftness and efficiency. AI analytics help you spot trends and find efficient solutions to tough problems, while the interactive features allow team members to access the data they need and help shape their own experience. It’s designed to merge with your existing office software package while enhancing communication between remote team members. If your business is adopting a hybrid workplace model and you want to provide excellent employee experience management, give us a call today!



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