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[Certification] Smarten Spaces is now ISO 27001 Certified

Thursday, Feb 25, 2021
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What is ISO?

Let’s get the technicalities out of the way. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and works in 164 countries.

ISO 27001 standard specifies the requirements for “establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an information security management system (ISMS)”.

The certification ensures the following:

  • Demonstrating the independent assurance of our ISMS and security controls, and meeting corporate governance and business continuity requirements
  • Independently demonstrating that applicable laws and regulations are identified and that there are processes in place to ensure compliance
  • Providing a competitive edge by meeting contractual requirements and demonstrating to our customers that the security of their information is paramount
  • Independently verifying that our organizational risks are properly identified, assessed and managed, while formalizing information security processes, procedures and documentation
  • Proving our senior management’s commitment to the security of its information
  • Regular assessment process helping us to continually monitor our performance and improve

How Does it Benefit our Clients?

Meeting security standards has always been a priority for us. In order to assure our clients the same, we have implemented an information security system that covers everything from planning, design, implementation and its management. We use certified cloud providers that are compliant to ISO 27001 and other industry best practices.

Cloud security is a shared responsibility. Smarten Spaces Information Security & Privacy measures comprise of all the processes required to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability in implementing the information security management system in order to ensure information assets are handled in total compliance with relevant security and privacy requirements, to reduce chances of a security breach, to encourage staff training to achieve a positive information security and privacy culture and to comply with applicable laws and regulations pertaining to Information Security and Privacy.

We wanted to make sure that our internal processes are compliant to internationally recognized standards so that our clients can rest assured that their data is absolutely protected from all aspects.

Also, information security is incredibly important when it comes to a software’s reliability, robustness and quality aspects. This is why certifying the system that handles those aspects is what makes Smarten Spaces a trustworthy provider of SaaS products and software solutions.

ISO/IEC 27001 certification means that:

  • We work towards mitigating information security risks through regular assessments
  • We provide inherent data protection to our customers’ information
  • Our formally defined controls and procedures have been verified by a third-party auditor and an accredited certification body

We at Smarten Spaces are fully dedicated to protecting our assets, resources as well as customers’ data, and we’re glad to showcase our ISO/IEC 27001 certification to support it.

Our ISO/IEC 27001 certification can be e-verified using the following:

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