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[Blog] 4 Ways To Help Employees Thrive With The New Work Norm – Flexible Working

Wednesday, Dec 28, 2022
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1. Create A Flexible Workspace

The ability to be productive becomes an important factor for employees when deciding whether to work from home or office. Help drive productivity in the office by giving them the flexibility to book resources such as work desks and meeting rooms, and manage their working hours/location easily.


2. Implement Technology To Simplify Processes

Reduce friction between the office space and your flexible workforce with easy access to facilities via a workplace app.


3. Use Automation Tools To Reduce Response Time

With flexible working, safety guidelines are constantly being updated and work roles might be changed to adapt to the situation. Automation tools help implement changes in reduced time.


4. Refine The Workplace For Better Work Culture

Understanding employees and their needs are vital as they return to the office with higher expectations for the workplace experience. Create a safe space for employees to provide feedback to get better insights on workplace improvements.



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