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2022 Trends: Using Space Management Software to Improve Your Hybrid Workplace

Thursday, Dec 29, 2022
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When employees are only in-office two or three days a week, reserving desk space and collaborative areas becomes essential. Learn how you can keep your company up to date with the latest trends and workplace strategies.

The hybrid model, with its combination of remote and in-office work, has been fully embraced by the modern workforce. And while the spaces where work takes place have changed, so too have the ways in which work is done. As comprehensive digital solutions continue to define the contemporary era, there is an accelerating need for smart space management software to navigate the new normal.

Here, we examine current trends in space management software and how to effectively integrate these with a best-practice methodology to improve your hybrid workplace.

Space Management Software is the Future

Space management software is an integral part of the modern hybrid office. It leverages interactive, real-time data and floor plans to help companies optimize every square foot of space available.

Being able to monitor the office layout, space allocation, and occupancy provides a deeper insight into how space is cataloged and used, including predictions for future real estate needs. In addition to cutting costs associated with unused or misused space and facilitating in-depth expense administration, space management software is essential for creating a pleasant and productive work environment.

Space management software streamlines how and where employees work in-office. It maximizes hybrid workplace flexibility and supports the rising trend of “hot desking,” making it easy to reserve desks and meeting spaces via the comfort of an app. Additionally, it lets employees know which team members are at the office and when.

Employees can utilize space management software to reserve a quiet workplace when they need to focus and concentrate on more challenging tasks. They can optimize their distance from noisy office centers and utilize key-code entry or sign-ups to ensure a distraction-free environment. These spaces also enable team members to destress and regain composure after a busy morning or afternoon.

Over and above setting meetings and reserving desks, Smarten Spaces’ software leverages powerful analytics to supply an extensive range of hybrid workplace solutions, including:

  • On-demand automation
  • Supply recommendations
  • Real-time space and cost alignment
  • Comprehensive expense and lease administration
  • Tenant engagement
  • Employee safety
  • Impact analysis
  • AI-based solutions

Leveraging the Power of the Cloud to Improve Access and Flexibility

Cloud computing is the wave of the future, as an ever-greater number of businesses adopt cloud-based software in the workplace. The cloud helps to streamline work processes, such as project management and collaboration, data organization, and document backup. Gone are the days of jammed-packed filing cabinets and easy-to-lose papers. Everything your company needs is stored safely and securely on remote servers within the cloud.

Cloud-based space management software improves flexibility and scalability for businesses, allowing adjustments for demand and management of web traffic with unlimited bandwidth and storage space. Furthermore, cloud-based services are a cheaper alternative to in-house storage that requires constant updates and maintenance.

The cloud also gives employees access to the applications and data they need when working remotely. This is another way in which the cloud promotes collaboration between teams in the hybrid workplace. Instead of running something across the office or waiting for permission, employees can retrieve data from the cloud, disruption-free.

Cloud-based space management software improves your company’s ability to utilize AI in maximizing the use of commercial space. This enhances visitor and tenant management systems with pre-screening and smart entry technology.

Configurable features lead to a smoother experience while simplifying and fine-tuning processes for an optimal hybrid workplace experience. Additional benefits include contactless access, safety protocols, proximity alerts, and more.

The Importance of a Wellness Space

Overwhelming evidence supports the idea that our surroundings significantly affect our mood and productivity. Claustrophobic cubicles, fluorescent lights, and blank walls are a thing of the past. The modern workplace layout should promote movement, utilize natural light, and leverage biophilic design strategies to support health and wellness.

We know prolonged periods of sitting can be detrimental to your back and overall health. It’s important to promote movement around the office by setting lounges, stairs, and restrooms away from the primary workplace area. You can also utilize sit-stand desks, which are proven to reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain from prolonged sitting.

Space management software optimizes wellness in the hybrid workplace. Consider a dedicated space where employees can spend their break in a stress-relieving environment. These spaces may be compact, yet big enough for two people to relax comfortably. With the right space management software at hand, it’s easy to find out when the wellness space is available as well as book a time slot.

The Rise of Flexible Space Strategies

Flexible office spaces are very different from the single-use workplace spaces of the past. The traditional model has no place in today’s hybrid workplace, where innovative space management software allows workplaces to adapt easily to new projects and employees’ needs. Innovative technologies can also help increase the longevity of your workplace space investments.

Many Millennial and Gen-Z workers like to operate in team-based settings. Flexible office space allows them to utilize different areas as those teams grow or shrink. General meeting areas can be expanded to accommodate larger groups or scaled down to house fewer people in a more intimate setting.

Flexible space is a fantastic way to facilitate company growth with plug-and-play features and multi-use furniture. Cubicles take up valuable real estate in the office. In an age where employees work on laptops, flexible, open-air offices have rendered traditional layouts obsolete.

Flexible workplace layouts tie back into wellness promotion, emphasizing the benefits of comfortable and appealing office spaces, workplace flexibility, perks, and learning opportunities. This is where space management software can make a difference by providing configurable work and meeting areas.

Space Management Made Smarter with Smarten Spaces

Hybrid workforces are the future of business, rendering the need for smart space management software more crucial than ever before. When employees are only in-office two or three days a week, reserving desk space and collaborative areas becomes essential.

Smarten Spaces is an industry-leading solutions provider, utilizing space management software to keep your company up to date with the latest trends and workplace strategies. Get in touch with Smarten Spaces today to learn how our space management software can work for your business.


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