Deliver the ultimate tenant experience
with Jumpree’s community-first tenant app

Let your members book meeting rooms, sports amenities, and common spaces with the simplified booking option.
Promote exciting events and offers to your community to keep them engaged. Use these to also create monetization opportunities for your business through sponsorships, partnerships, and tickets.
Provide easy access to your campus with the shuttle tracking feature. Members can track GPS-enabled shuttles for smooth transfers.
Make visitor entry process secure and seamless using smart pass. Visitors can scan the QR code to guide themselves into the facility.

Optimize building utilization

Minimize costs and enhance operations with quick alerts and notifications.

Issue Received
Give members a chance to network in their community. Member profiles can be shared and viewed by everyone in the community
Manage and track grievances at run-time. Members can flag incidents and complaints to your community managers using the app. Resolve issues speedily with workflow automation.
Inbuilt feature to ensure quick access and action to emergencies. Comes with one-touch access to send alerts. Medical and fire emergencies are highlighted and directly linked to the rescue team.
The solution comes with a robust community-first tenant experience app. This ensures you have more than one reason to delight your members with easy access to their network through both public posts and direct messages.
Know the pulse of your community with quick polls. Instant feedback was never easier. Provide true value to your members with this hit feature!

Create long-lasting tenant relationships

Build one community—across different floors, roles, and organizations.

Bring tenants together

Build a thriving community with tons of activities and enthusiastic participants. Offer them complete information about clubs, events, and notifications on a single mobile app.

Simplify bookings

Enable your tenants to book a meeting room, convention center, or the badminton court in near real-time with their mobile phones.

Perform routine tasks easily

Ensure that tenants can perform better and are more productive by removing the daily stress of tasks such as managing vehicle parking, finding restaurants, and scheduling gym sessions.

Ensure greater security

With automatic number plate recognition and app-based alerts on visitor entry and exit, it is easy to control the movement of every person and vehicle into the building.

Simplify decision making

Drive faster, accurate decisions with comprehensive analysis and insights.

Get insights
into space utilization
Through detailed data analysis, get inputs into space usage and optimization of areas such as revenue centers, including shops, food courts, pharmacies, and more. You can also conduct polls and surveys to assess user behavior and plan future strategies accordingly.
Introduce facilities
based on user behavior
Customize spaces through insights into their usage. It will enable you to measure user movement and density and decide if you need to create more areas, such as conference rooms or cafeterias.
the happiness index
Get constant feedback into how users like your space. It could be especially useful to take corrective measures that can further lead to renewals and growth in leases and contracts.